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Asbestos cement corrugated sheets with polymeric coating (8 corrugations)

Asbestos cement corrugated sheets with polymeric coating (8 corrugations)

Field of application

Asbestos cement corrugated sheets are used in roof application and they also may be used as a wall covering of residential, public and agricultural buildings and constructions.

Physicotechnical Characteristics:

Length, mm 1750 (+15) (-15)
Width, mm 1130 (+10) (-5)
Thickness, mm 5,4 (+1,0) (-0,3)
Height of an average corrugation, mm 40 (+4,0) (-4,0)
Height of an overlapping corrugation, mm 40 (+6,0) (-6,0)
Height of an overlapped corrugation, mm 32 (+6,0) (-6,0)
Width of an overlapping corrugation, mm 43 (+7,0) (-7,0)
Width of an overlapped corrugation, mm 37
Pitch of corrugation, mm 150
Bending strength, MPa not less than 16,0
Density (volume weight), g\cm3 not less than 1,6
Impact strength, kJ\m2 not less than 1,50
Freeze resistance, cycles 25
Retained strength, % not less than 90
Polymeric coating adhesion to asbestos cement sheets, MPa not les than 1,0
Surface appearance without cracks, blisters, exfoliations
Colour retention ∆ Е (а, в, L)
Heat resistance of polymeric coating  100% within 2 hours
Grade according to freeze resistance F 50, F 75, F 100 without polymeric coating surface appearance changes

Additional information

Asbestos cement sheets, profile 40\150, 8-corragations with polymeric coating (coated with paint) are produced according to the process regulations “Asbestos cement corrugated sheets production process regulations TP-2-2014”.

Asbestos cement corrugated sheets with polymeric coating have been certified in the National conformity assessment system of the Republic of Belarus regarding quality indices and safety requirements according to the standard СТБ 1118-2008 “Asbestos cement corrugated sheets and their elements. Specifications”.

Characteristics of asbestos cement flat sheets

An asbestos cement sheet is a man-made rock-like material produced by asbestos, cement and water mixture hardening and further polymeric overcoating.

Asbestos cement sheets have higher tensile, bending and impact strength than hardened cement paste or mortar. It is due to asbestos reinforcing action which firstly takes up proportional to its elasticity coefficient and content part of tensile load on the product and secondly prevents crack initiation, growth and opening displacement in asbestos cement. Asbestos cement has similar reinforcing action as reinforced concrete where concrete steel takes tensile strength.

Asbestos cement sheets are characterized by lower water permeability and higher leaching resistance and mineralized water resistance than concrete and Portland cement mortars.

Asbestos cement corrugated sheets with polymeric coating have a rectangular corrugated shape. Corrugation crests direction coincides with the large side of the rectangle. The sheet length is 1750 mm, width – 1130 mm, thickness – 5,8 mm, corrugation height – 40 mm, corrugation pitch – 150 mm. Corrugated sheets as compared with flat sheets have considerable rigidity along the sheet length that makes it possible to lay them on a wider groundwork. Overlying rows should overlap 100 mm of underlying ones. Sheets of the same row should overlap one corrugation of each other.

Asbestos cement sheets are durable, weatherproof, freeze resistant, fireproof, waterproof, and they have a lot of other advantages as well. They seldom need a repair and they are of considerable rigidity.

The undeniable advantage of asbestos cement sheets with polymeric coating is the coating of both sides of the sheet. The advantages of polymeric powder coating as compared with other materials for asbestos cement sheeting coating are: improvement of product adhesive properties (due to filling of asbestos cement sheet porous surface with molten polymer), a wide range of colours, waste-free technology, good mechanical and decorative properties, and excellent performance characteristics.